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BAM. The money tree is here.

BAM Worldwide specializes in providing a hassle-free alternative to traditional lending to provide operating capital to the transportation industry. With BAM, you no longer have to wish for your own money tree.

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“The team at BAM Worldwide is an excellent fit for our company. Cash flow is always an issue for a small businesses, and they came in and said that they could give us exactly what we need–and delivered. Their team will work with you relentlessly to ensure the transition to BAM Worldwide is smooth. I’d recommend BAM to any 3PL needing cash flow to grow.”

Kris Tryber   |   Co-Founder   |   Power Only Transit

“The entire BAM family has helped us regain control of our finances. We now have more time to concentrate on our customers and move more freight. In addition to better utilizing our staff, our carriers are getting paid quickly. We now have more trucks wanting to book our loads more than any other time in the last 5 years. I would certainly recommend BAM to another company.”

Mark Guido   |   General Manager   |   Blue Star

Capital Meets Technology

BAM provides a low-cost capital lending solution that is fully automated using our free software, or can be integrated with an existing package.


Easy Access

Gain access to working capital based on your size and credit profile.

Improve Efficiency

Integrate services and reduce operational costs to maximize workflow.

Grow Profitably

Build a foundation for growth without the hassles of a bank line or factoring company.

Our solution is simple; it’s called BAMwire™

With BAMWire, you get the capital you need when you need it to grow your business, improve your credit rating and lower your carrier days2pay, all while improving your company’s profitability.

Reach out today and find out why companies like yours use BAM Worldwide funds.



Increase credit scores by lowering carrier days to pay


Improve profitability by finding more truck capacity and moving freight faster


Get cash only when you need it; no obligation to use BAM funds for every transaction


Finance existing carrier Quick Pay program or implement a new, custom one



Flexibility to choose which invoices and amounts to fund


Get immediate, electronic advances on receivables


Inexpensive financing with average transaction fee of 1.5%


End-to-end automation

Carriers & Brokers


Fast, easy access to capital


Maintain control of all communications with valued customers


No personal guarantees required


Payoff/consolidate higher interest rate debt

Just ask our customers BAM Worldwide is different!

Now more than ever the large majority of freight brokers are under tremendous pressure to accept longer terms from shippers and provide shorter terms to carriers, but lack the capital to do so. Brokers that can’t offer “Quick Pay” are at a competitive disadvantage. At the same time, some freight brokerage financing solutions, like engaging with factoring companies are leaving carriers cash-constrained. BAMwire™ solves this friction for carriers and brokers by injecting funds through the broker to improve payment terms.

Interest only on capital for days oustanding

  • Review total costs beforehand
  • No extended or inflated fees

State-of-the-art technology platform

  • Integrated payment processing
  • Generate forms automatically

Real-time data reporting

  • Access on-demand information
  • Tools to analyze and optimize business

Simple enough your mother would approve

Get Confirmed


BAMwire™ Calculates pricing options with terms; Broker negotiates and submits load order (Load Rate Confirmation) to carrrier.

What we offer
Upon freight delivery confirmation BAMwire generates the Carrier Invoice, creating an account payable to the carrier, and the Shipper Invoice, generating an account receivable from the shipper.

BAMwire™ pay
NewMoneyBAMwire™ pays Carrier; the Broker determines the amount and timing of payment.

BAMwire™ manages the process
NewManage1BAMwire™ calculates and manages receivables/collection process with the shipper.


BAMwire™ finalizes
NewFinal2BAMwire™ closes out transaction upon collection of the shipper receivable and the final disbursement takes place.


BAMwire™ calculates pricing options with terms. Broker negotiates and submits load order (Broker Rate Confirmation) to carrier

Upon freight delivery confirmation BAMwire™ generates:

  • Carrier invoice/opens an account payable to Carrier
  • Shipper invoice/opens receivable from Shipper
  • Pays carrier determined advance % of load as directed by broker
  • Manages receivables/collection process with shipper
  • Closes out transaction at the collection of the shipper receivable and final disbursement


Shipper places order confirmation with broker.


Broker accepts load, (Shipper Rate Confirmation) in BAMwire™.



Carrier accepts load from broker (Broker Rate Confirmation).

BAM Worldwide

All steps flow through the BAMwire™ System.


Built by Transportation Professionals for Transportation Professionals

Want to know more? 

BAMwire™ is a specialty finance software and operations platform that advances against the current receivables of transportation brokers. The company has revolutionized the traditional funds transfer and advance process in the freight transportation industry by injecting transactional level capital into the freight brokerage payment process to meet the working capital needs of freight carriers.


BAM was founded by two US Military Veterans (Army & Navy) with 30 years of combined post military experience


Our team has decades of experience delivering world-class solutions to telecom, financial services, industrial services, logistics, and security industries.

We know running a freight brokerage business has financial restrictions and risks making it difficult to operate and grow.

As shippers increase their terms and carriers insist on quicker payment to haul for you, the need for accessible cash arises.  At BAM, we take you out of the banking business and put you back in control of running the business at hand.

Relax, BAMwire™ allows you to remain independent while giving you the capital you need to run your business.


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