The newest innovation in transportation management systems has arrived at ITS Dispatch allowing you direct access to working capital where you need it, when you need it.

Now, you can instantly access cash from within the ITS Dispatch system with one-click to help accelerate and sustain growth by:

  • Improving your profitability by finding more truck capacity and finding freight faster
  • Lowering your carrier days 2 pay
  • Improving credit scores
  • Financing carrier Quick Pay programs
  • Reducing expenses with fully automated accounting back office functions
  • Streamlining operations by eliminating costly delays and errors

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Built by Transportation Professionals for Transportation Professionals

With this new integration with the BAM Worldwide lending platform, you will also be able to take advantage of:


Paying off/consolidating higher interest rate debt


Using cash only when you need it for individual freight transactions


Maintaining control of all communications with your valued customers


No personal guarantees


A single system to handle your dispatch, accounting and cash flow needs

Capital Meets Technology

Easy Access

Improve Efficiency

Grow Profitably

BAM. The money tree is here.

BAM Worldwide specializes in providing a hassle-free alternative to traditional lending to provide operating capital to the transportation industry. With BAM, you no longer have to wish for your own money tree.

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